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All-Russian Research Institute of Radio Equipment (JSC VNIIRA) specializes in development, production, commissioning and maintenance of:
|    automated ATC and ATM systems and facilities for various control areas and for large regions and separate countries;
|    simulator systems for ATC controllers;
|    surveillance, approach control, secondary and weather radars;
|    ground and airborne equipment of short-range radio navigation systems and instrument landing systems;
|    airborne equipment of range measuring, transponders and aircraft (AC), collision avoidance and ground proximity warning system;
|    onboard integrated navigation and landing systems;
|    ground and airborne aids of the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B).

In 1999 has got a status of the Federal Scientific Production Centre.
When working out a solution VNIIRA specialists prove again and again that they are capable of achieving more inasmuch as each follow-on development surpasses the previous one. The long experience and our Customer’s acknowledgement confirm it.

VNIIRA is far more than:

|65 years of the successful performance for the benefit of air safety;
| 150 prototypes of radio-technical systems and the complex of ground and airborne facilities radio instruments;
| 1 300 inventors’ certificates and patents;
| 60 complexes of ATC automation systems and facilities for airports and regional centers of Russia and other countries;
| 100 types of aircrafts and helicopters employ the airborne equipment, navigation and landing facilities developed by VNIIRA