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18.06.12 - JSC «VNIIRA» obtained TYPE CERTIFICATE 559 on ground station ADS-B 1090 ES «NS-1А»

Aerodrome and equipment certification committee of Interstate aviation committee (IAC) issued type certificate №559 for ground station ADS-B 1090 ES NS-1А.

Ground station ADS-B 1090 ES NS-1А (“Amber”) – is the new generation of surveillance systems based on ADS-B 1090 ES technology and mode S protocols. The latest world-scale achievements in hardware components, design and engineering practices and production have allowed enhancing the equipment integration drastically and reducing overall dimensions of the station without compromising functionality.

Ground station ADS-B 1090 ES “NS-1А” is used for providing:

  • Surveillance of aircrafts in visible range equipped with onboard equipment ADS-B 1090 ES;
  • Transfer of formed reports based on air crafts messages to ATC centres including:
    • air craft address;
    • location in air and on ground;
    • identifying index;
    • speed overhead; event-based data;
    • navigation information validation.

NS-1А transfers reports about aircrafts in the format of ASTERIX cat. 21 и 23.

ISS specifications comply with requirements of EUROCAE ED-129 “Technical specification for ADS-B 1090 ES ground station” and are compatible with EUROCAE ED-102A/RTCA DQ-260B.

NS-1А can be used both as a stand-alone or double (reserve) ADS-B 1090 ES ground station and as a receiving station of the Multilateral Surveillance system (MSS).

VNIIRA is far more than:

|70 years of the successful performance for the benefit of air safety;
| 150 prototypes of radio-technical systems and the complex of ground and airborne facilities radio instruments;
| 1 300 inventors’ certificates and patents;
| 60 complexes of ATC automation systems and facilities for airports and regional centers of Russia and other countries;
| 100 types of aircrafts and helicopters employ the airborne equipment, navigation and landing facilities developed by VNIIRA