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31.08.11 - JSC «VNIIRA» took part in X International aviation and space saloon MAKS-2011

«VNIIRA» took an active part in X International aviation and space saloon MAKS-2011 that was held in Zhukovsky on August 16-21. MAKS-2011 – is one of the high-profile events in world airspace industry. According to organizers 842 companies from 40 countries took part in space saloon. 91 aircrafts were used in flying program while the overall quantity of aircrafts presented was 241 items. 440 thousand people visited this space saloon.
This year JSC «VNIIRA» was presented on joined exposition stand with JSC “Concern PVO “Almaz-Antey” and was one of major and outstanding expositions among other expositions of Concern.

The participants and guests could have a look at wide range of products developed by VNIIRA for civil, military and double purposes. Such products as ATC AS «Sintez» and Sintez-TC CSS, ARMR «Tropa-СМД», «AR-27С», MSSR «Aurora» were presented as full-scale models as well as promotional leaflets of all products. A full-scale model of AFTSAL-2005 exposed on plane AN-24b was demonstrated.

Within the space saloon the specialists from VNIIRA held the meetings and discussions on condition and future cooperation development with native and foreign customers as well as existing and potential consumers of their products.

The significant quantity of specialists and general public as well as VIP (top management of JSC «Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey», the representatives of relevant ministries and departments and others) have visited the stand of VNIIRA company. There were discussions on future implementation of such products created by VNIIRA.

The particular interest was provoked to ARM CATCAA ATC «Sintez» and «Sintez-TC» complex system simulator. The management of VNIIRA Company held a presentation and demonstration of unique capabilities of these systems to authorities and entrepreneurship as well as foreign delegations.

Chief designer of JSC «VNIIRA» Mr. V.P. Ivanov demonstrates the «Sintez-TC» complex system simulator to Mr.Fomichev O.V. who is the deputy minister of the Russian economic development.

Chief designer of JSC «VNIIRA» Mr. V.P. Ivanov demonstrates the model of MSSR “Aurora” to Mr.Menschikov V.V. who is the director general of JSC «Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey»

Chief designer of JSC «Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey», Mr. V.V.Menshikov gets acquainted with «Sintez-TC» CSS performance

The full-scale models of CATCAA ATC «Sintez» and CSS «Sintez-TC» presented on stand took the sufficient area of total exposition with JSC «Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» and attracted attention of specialists and visitors of air saloon.

VNIIRA is far more than:

|70 years of the successful performance for the benefit of air safety;
| 150 prototypes of radio-technical systems and the complex of ground and airborne facilities radio instruments;
| 1 300 inventors’ certificates and patents;
| 60 complexes of ATC automation systems and facilities for airports and regional centers of Russia and other countries;
| 100 types of aircrafts and helicopters employ the airborne equipment, navigation and landing facilities developed by VNIIRA